Performance Finish Services

  • Thin film ceramic coating technology
  • Industry leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance

Cerakote Coatings

Image of Pink Cerakote Coatings Bottle
  • High Temperature ceramic based coatings that can withstand temperatures up to 1,800˚ Coatings that withstand thermal cycling as well as thermal shock
  • Performance coatings that are simply unmatched in corrosion and chemical resistance A distinct, high-end look and feel
  • Environmentally friendly coatings – all coatings are VOC exempt in all 50 states Cost effective, single coat (straight to substrate), easy to apply products
Image of Cerakote Coatings Next To Metal Object
  • Cerakote Is a liquid sprayable coating that is designed to be used with an HVLP spray gun. It is not a dip, roll, or brush coating. Cerakote can easily be scaled-up for production.
  • Cerakote Is Cost-effective
  • Cerakote Is easy to offer in detailed design and customizable features

E-Series-Oven Cure

  • Highest level abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance
  • Excels in tight tolerance applications
  • Wide range of uses in Auto, Firearms, consumer electronics, wearables

H-Series-Oven Cure

  • Leader in thing film protective coatings with wide range of colors
  • Corrosion, chemical and durability protection
  • Excellent flexibility performance
  • Wide range of uses in Auto, Firearms, consumer electronics, wearables

C-Series-Air Cure

  • Withstands temperatures up to 1800 degrees
  • Ease of application
  • 50 color choices
  • UV stability
  • Option for parts that can not be oven cured
  • High chemical resistance
  • Uses – Auto, Wheels, Exhaust Systems, etc.
Motorcycle Image Coated by Pipestone Performance Coatings

Media Blasting Services

  • Skat blast dry blasting system
  • 58” W, 28” D, 28” H work area Media
  • Standard 100 mesh aluminum oxide
  • Optional white blast 100% recycled glass